Fee Schedule for Academic Year 2020-2021
Effective from April 01, 2020 to March 31, 2021
Note - Three (3) Terms per year applicable for all courses
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  • There is 3% increase in the tuition and the building fee from April 2019.
  • There is a 1% increase in the Bus fee from April 2019.
  • It is expected to pay the fee for the month in advance, e.g.: Fee for the month of April is to be paid by 27th of March after which a late fee of 100 yen per day will be levied.
  • The fee for books and uniforms sold at the time of admission or during the year, is non-refundable.
  • In case of withdrawal, there should be a month’s notice given to the school office via mail, failing which, fee for the entire month will be payable.
  • Refund policy in case of withdrawal is applicable, only if the notice is given 1 month in advance. If the withdrawal notice is given after the generation of invoice for the next month, the whole month’s fee will be payable. There is no 15 days fee refund, the refund policy applies on a monthly basis. Eg: if a parent wants to withdraw from March 15th 2019 then the notice period should be served on or before end of January, 2019.
  • ASP - The notice for withdrawal should be given a month in advance. The request cannot be accommodated in the same month and fee will be payable for the month. There is no 15 days fee refund, the refund policy applies on a monthly basis.
  • Students should responsibly use the school property, any defacing on the same will be charged.
  • Long Leave Policy- Please get in touch with the finance desk for the same.
  • In case of a student joining back within 1 year of withdrawal, no application fee will be payable.


  • Bus registration charges will be applicable for regular routes and shuttle, while applying for the bus service for the first time and also if the bus service is resumed.
  • Transport declaration form has to be submitted. If a student changes residential address, a new application must be made to the school.
  • There is a notice period for 1 month applicable for withdrawing from the bus service.
  • For the new bus service availing request, 15 days’ notice is applicable. Please note that due to inclusion of new students in the bus service, there may be change in the schedule by a few minutes, which will be intimated by the transport in-charge of the school.
  • Any damage /defacing to the bus property reported by the bus attendant or the bus driver will be charged to the responsible student.
  • Bus schedules/timings and contact details are subject to change and the same will be circulated at the earliest.
  • Parents are responsible for students until they board the school bus and alighting at their designated stop.

III. Books and Uniforms:

  • Books & Uniforms Purchased has an exchange period of one day. Failing which, no exchange or refund will be possible.

IV. Withdrawal Policy:

  • In case of withdrawal, there should be a month’s notice given to the school office via mail, failing which, fee for the entire month will be payable.
  • Process to be followed:
  • A must to fill in online withdrawal form - available in parent login myGIIS - side caption - 'school' - apply for withdrawal.
  • At the time of withdrawal it is expected on the part of the student to return the library book before his or her last working day.
  • TC and other academic reports will be issued to the withdrawal student only after the approval of library, finance and the principal.

V. General

  • Students leaving school early for any reason must present a parent’s signed written note to the reception office or to the class teacher.
  • In case a student suffers from any contagious disease, it becomes mandatory on the part of the parents to submit a duly signed medical certificate to the school office.
  • The medical profile also needs to be duly filled, updated and submitted to the class teacher.
  • All the parents are requested to send the changes if any, including address or telephone numbers, etc to the following email ID - suparna.rao@globalindianschool.org
  • Promotion of the child will be entirely on the basis of his or her performance, aptitude and the age. No mid-year requests for promotions will be entertained.
  • Graders 1-8 Second and the third language cannot be selected as the same language.
  • Co-Scholastic activities such as Music, Yoga, ECA/ CCA are the part of the school curriculum and should be treated same as the academics.

The Library books should be maintained well by the students. Any damage to the book, will attract a fine up to JPY 1,000 or the actual cost whichever is more. It should be returned back to the school library within the specified period.